AWANA Ministry

We are a ministry that reaches out to 7th-12th graders. Our vision is to be a gospel-centered community. We want to plant seeds of the gospel in the hearts of our students, create a safe space to allow students to put the gospel in practice and encourage them to live out the gospel in their everyday lives.


We aim to be a gospel-centered community by focusing on worship and discipleship: (1) We have corporate worship on Sundays to act as a body of Christ, which glorifies God first and foremost, and emphasizes that God is above all, God is the reason for everything and that God is love. (2) We have discipleship classes on Fridays where our students are divided into different age groups to learn and be challenged to follow Jesus Christ in their daily lives.


We believe that adolescence is a pivotal season in one’s faithing journey. This is the age when students begin to think more critically on their own, have faith and life questions, and face various relational, social, and spiritual challenges in life. Amid all that is going on in their lives, we want our students to know the gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save and transform their lives. We want to see the youth of this generation grow as genuine followers and disciples of Jesus Christ.


SPARKS (K-2nd) 와 T&T (3rd-5th) 는 원하는 아이들에 한해서 각 가정에서 부모님과 교재로 말씀을 외우고 한달에 한번씩 AWANA 선생님과 ZOOM을 통해 만납니다.

Sparks (K-2nd) and T&T (3rd-5th) will have the option to purchase a book and complete it with their parents while meeting with their teachers once a month through Zoom.



TREK 은 올해 6학년 부터 8학년까지 등록을 받습니다. 매 주일 2시-4시까지 ZOOM 을 통해 모임을 가집니다.

Trek will accept 6-8 graders this year. They will meet every Sunday from 2-4 pm on Zoom.


JOURNEY (9th-12th) 는 매 주일 4시-6시 까지 ZOOM으로 모임을 가집니다.

Journey will meet every Sunday from 4-6 pm on Zoom.


Date: 8/16 and , 8/23 Place : ANC AWANA Homepage

Fee: SPARKS, T&T, TREK : $25  JOURNEY : $35

Book pick-up : 9/13

First day of AWANA : 9/20/2020



AWANA 2020-2021 Resistration